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Our International Partners


The next time you’re thinking about a trip to Mexico, consider doing something different, a journey that will impact you and change the way you look at vacation. Consider a trek with TRuEKe.

TRuEKe is a social enterprise aiming to bring a different approach to traveling, in which the traveler can be involved with the communities and cooperate with them, acquiring new experiences and knowledge of their culture, traditions and productive processes.

Trueke creates custom-made travel experiences, where we can adjust to our client’s budget, schedule and personal preferences in order to deliver a unique life time experience.

By providing interchange opportunities we can support communities in need by learning from them and contributing to the economic and social development through tourism. At the same time, creating awareness and a more supportive society that respects and discovers different traditions and ways of living.



The Eliezer Max School
Based in Rio de Janeiro, this private Jewish day school is part of small but strong network of pluralistic institutions that serve communities in multiple cities across Brazil.

The Eliezer Steinbarg Max Nordau School is a community school that operates from K-12. Our pedagogical objective is to offer excellent education and teaching, integrated with Jewish values and culture, and always seeking to promote the cognitive, moral, affective and social development of our students.

Eliezer Max's philosophy of education and teaching is based on three basic principles:

1) The formation of personhood, in a broad sense, that empowers students to think critically, make decisions within the moral values of an ethical society, and to live and coexist with difference while always striving to achieve their full potential;

2) The academic training of its students, enabling them to acquire the knowledge necessary for development at each stage of school life, and to seek for themselves new information and knowledge, respecting individual differences;

3) The fostering of citizens who live in a pluralistic and democratic society, providing for them the tools to think freely and preparation for a world that continually changes. Also, the formation of individuals prepared to act, through the free and responsible exercise of citizenship, as agents of these changes.

Jewish education in the Eliezer Max School begins with the youngest group of children, extends to the last high school years, and is present in all moments of scholastic life.